3rd Party Sale using Open Access Model

Open Access is the freedom given to consumers with connected load greater than 1 MW to choose their own supplier of power i.e., they are not restricted to buying power from the utility and can instead buy power from any 3rd party supplier of power. Therefore, the consumer can contract with a solar IPP to buy power generated from their solar PV plant. A consumer with connected load less than 1 MW may apply for open access; the utility is not obliged to grant open access in such cases, but may do so at its discretion.


    The consumer doesn’t have to invest in the power plant. The consumer only pays for the electricity supplied by the IPP.
    The consumer doesn’t need to maintain the power plant, or be concerned with warranties, quality of components, etc.
    The consumer is no longer restricted by available rooftop space. The IPP’s solar plant may be much larger than what could have been installed on the consumer’s rooftop.