my boat Consultancy

With real focus on customer satisfaction, customer can rely on us for their renewable energy needs. We recognize that every customer is unique and absolutely deserves highest customer service, honest, ethical and transparent sale, and best solution possible and fairest pricing in the industry. We provide a unique solution taking into account the system design and requirements, the right financial model and quickest installation process in the industry. Through our consulting, customer can be able to save energy and money right from the beginning.

my boat Financing and Investment

Our financial expertise and broad experience allows the Company to provide our customers with a wide range of financing solutions for renewable energy systems. Customer can elect to have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)/ EMI basis/ by investing their own money. We maintain numerous relationships with banks and funding organizations.
We also understand the needs of investors and sustainable solar assets with excellent returns. We offer a variety of ways to finance your solar installation either off, or on, your balance sheet depends upon your capital investments. For organizations interested in owning their own solar solutions, we can provide a number of long term financing options including: leases, loans, bonds.

my boat Engineering Procurement Construction

Through our EPC services we provide complete turnkey solutions to commercial and utility customers. We can help you take your solar project from concept to completion. We have years of experience in all common types of solar construction including: ground mounts, roof mounts, covered parking, landfill solar, and single axis trackers.We focus on a design that provides the highest return on investment for customers and project investors. The design will include the selection of technology, structural elements, mechanical elements, and any utility interconnection requirements.We have professional electrical, civil and structural engineers on staff to ensure our designs are not only feasible, but will also produce the kWhs you expect.

my boat Installation and commissioning

Our well experienced and dedicated team with vast experience uses the most efficient equipment available. All system commissioning and re-commissioning services are performed by licensed electricians and certified professional engineers. We can provide you with a full suite of solar commissioning services.

my boat Operation and Maintenance

Our O&M services can help you maximize your financial returns by reducing the frequency and impact of equipment failures and site issues. We operate and maintain solar energy facilities for customers and investors. Solar facilities are extremely reliable and when well-maintained achieve nearly 100% uptime. We offer various maintenance packages to suit any needs and only install equipment backed by strong manufacturer warranties.In addition to the standard system, in order to derive the most out of your system, you can purchase tracking devices and performance monitoring programs

my boat Solar Products Supply

We are supplying the materials belongs to well known brands having proven track record in its performance with a minimal price and high quality.
PV Modules(Mono/Poly/Thin film), ON/OFF grid solar inverters, Solar LED street lights, solar water heaters, Solar pumps, Solar batteries, all types of Structures, AC/DC Cables, ACDB/DCDB Boxes, Tracking, weather Monitoring instruments, DC operated equipments (Fan, Light, AC and etc.,) and electrical measuring instruments.